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The company designs and produces fashion accessories and components for footwear, leather goods and clothing.

Termoadhesive decorations and several kind of working techniques such as embroidery on shoes uppers, clothing or leather goods.

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The drawing, elaborated through CAD/CAM software, is transmitted and realised with numerical control machines.

The accessory previuosly sanded to eliminate the points of attack, is then tumbled to remove the sharp corners.

Then, the raw accessory is polished and undergoes the final galvanic coloring phase.

lavorazione ottone
lavorazione ottone
lavorazione ottone

The components, carefully welded, become unique pieces which are later galvanized or painted according to the chosen color.

The assembly of the stone completes the accessory making it precious, exclusive and suitable for any requirements.

accessori gioiello
accessori gioiello
accessori gioiello

Zamak, among other metallic alloys, can be used to produce footwear and leather-goods accessories.

accessori zama

The company is also specialized in creating, producing and applicating termoadhesive papers, with the use of a wide range of precious materials, such as hotfix rhinestones, studs and half pearls.

Before being applied to fabrics, the termoadhesive paper is checked and, if necessary, manually placed by internal qualified personnel.

applicazioni termoadesive
applicazioni termoadesive
applicazioni termoadesive
applicazioni termoadesive
applicazioni termoadesive

Expert artisans rigorously handmake unique and customized accessories, combining different materials and types of workmanship.

Bows, flowers and embroideries, even made on the loom, are usually ebellished with bright details.

accessori realizzati a mano
accessori unici
fiocchi fatti a mano
ricami a mano

The use of the industrial embroidery machine allows any kind of decoration to be made uniformly and automatically using different techniques and yarns.

ricamo industriale

Style Office

The style office carries out research, study and analysis of fashion trends to provide innovative proposals to the customer.

ricerca tendenze moda

Quick prototyping

Research and new-solutions’ study, timing and costs optimization easily increase the speed-to-market.

ricerca soluzioni prototipi


Laser processing is a technology capable of making cuts and engravings on wood, leather and organic fabrics. It’s possible to make engravings with different depths, holes and decorations with an embroidery effect.

This computerized machine has indisputable advantages such as extreme precision and speed. Collaboration with other departments is of fundamental importance; for example, laser processing allows the leather surface to be adapted to thermoadhesive applications.

lavorazione laser

Chemical control

The company invested in an internal chemical laboratory that allows to identify and eliminate substances which are harmful to health and the environment, in compliance with current legislation and with a view to transparency towards the market.

controllo chimico sostanze dannose

Quality Control

Daily quality controls are carried out during each process phase, guaranteeing the final product to be compliant with the customers’ requirements.

controllo qulità lavorazione

View the E.M. Company collection

Contains all images and product informations.