DESIGN & LABORATORY designs and creates fashion accessories for shoes, leather goods and clothing. The company assortment includes brass and welded accessories, jewelery, shoes decorative charms, buckles, studs, metallic shoes-clamps or chains, ABS studs, leather or textile bows and flowers, as well as hand-sewed accessories and embroidery. Hot-fix applications and many manufacturing techniques for example embroidery are conceived to enrich every kind of uppers, clothing and leather goods.

Our internal laboratories for the application of hot-fix articles and embroidery allows us to provide the customers with the opportunity to customize the proposed motifs, on the bases of each request, with different shapes and color.

Our style department in team with our inner production lab feasibly meet the constantly-evolving market requests with intuition and pragmatism. Finding easy solutions and experimenting always-up-to-date manufacturing techniques, they create unique accessories that are customizable according to the desires of each customer, assisting him during the whole item creation process.

The production of an accessory becomes an opportunity for interaction, exchanging ideas, and a creative moment. The pieces take shape and are assembled with a perfect balance and harmonization among the innovation in the production process, technology and the handcrafted tradition of the company.
Technology is combined with professionals’ know-how and manual ability with the main aim of creating high-quality accessories characterised by noteworthy inner value. A quality control is made at each production step.

Fashion trend studies and analysis, continuous "motivational" research on the product fashion contents, from materials to shapes and colors. Design, prototyping and internal samples development, even on customer's design.



Risks associated with the use and release of persistent hazardous chemicals have been recognized by many countries around the world and policies have been implemented to reduce their use and release. Among the many chemicals dispersed in the environment, heavy metals and some organic substances are of particular concern. invested in a chemical laboratory and in qualified personnel to respond to the REACH Regulation approval and to the increasing demand of sustainable products. To this end, the decided to intensify the controls to verify the absence of such substances in the entire supply chain, starting from the control of heavy metals in the accessories for shoes, leather goods and clothing.

Not only style and functionality, but also the chemical composition is developed upon customer's needs. The style, the aesthetic design of the accessory and its functionality are thus flanked by a careful selection and chemical composition of materials that respond not only to the regulations imposed by law, but also to the customers’ needs.

From May 2018 is operative, in the chemical laboratory, the Energy Dispersive X Ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) Spectrometer.
With this tool we decided to implement a chemical quality control, to determine the content of heavy metals in the articles.

The strength of this tool is the possibility to perform non-destructive analysis on samples, allowing a control of production batches directly on the delivered accessories, and no longer only via a single sample analysis performed by an accredited laboratory.

The chemical laboratory is available to discuss all requirements related to regulations and declarations, content of SVHC substances in articles, but also for the choice of innovative materials that can be adapted to customer needs.