Metal accessories collection


Thanks to the wide range of galvanic finishes and colours available we are able to provide one of the widest choices in the industry. The metal accessories for footwear, leather goods and clothing can therefore be made and customized in colour and galvanic on request.



Bows and flowers decorations


Unique item and added value

for a dress, shoe or bag.



Design & Laboratory


The creation of an accessory and the choice of its processing become a creative moment during which people meet one another and ideas can be shared. A perfect balance between shapes and colors, materials and workmanship where style -cared in detailed- becomes elegance.


Discover at Paris Première Vision


Fashion accessory trends AW2019/20


Metallic components and accessories for footwear and leather goods with a craquelé finish are characterized by irregular micro stripes and micro textures to dominate the brightness. Metallic surfaces gently consumed and then lacquered, contrasts between aged effect and preciousness.
“Achieving Brightness through micro splinters” (Première Vision Paris)




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